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GMS 7th grade Volleyball Team

Yoselin Diego

December 14, 2017

Volleyball is a sport that is played by 2 teams, the teams have 6 player, there divided by a net, but they all play different positions and they all have the same goal which is do not let the ball touch the floor. If the ball do...

Facts about the Cleveland Browns

Ramon Avalos

December 14, 2017

Facts about the Cleveland Browns:   The Cleveland Browns were established 1946 There team colors are seal brown,burnt orange,and white The Cleveland Browns are a professional American football team based in...

Seattle getting their own NHL Hockey Team?

Emanuel Torres

December 14, 2017

It was announced thursday that seattle is getting a hockey team  since 1924 well not really really because they can apply for one. So Seattle will not be able to play until 2020-2021 season. Seattle is now going to get a winter sp...

Baltimore Ravens

Domenic Valencia

December 14, 2017

Schedule [email protected] Bengals/Win-20-0    [email protected] Titans/Loss-20-23 2.Vs Browns/Win-24-10  [email protected] Packers/Win-23-20 [email protected] Jaguars/Loss-7-44  11.Vs Texans/Win-23-16 4.Vs Steelers/Loss-9-26  12.Vs Lions/Win-44-20 [email protected] Raiders/Win-30-17...

NFL players kneeling during the National Anthem

Mason D

December 14, 2017

Recently during the National Anthem at NFL games some players from a lot of different teams have been kneeling, standing with linked arms, or even staying in the locker room as a sign of protest. Colin Kaepernick backup quarterback...

What is cross country

Ethan Fajardo

December 13, 2017

What Is Cross Country? BY: Ethan Fajardo Cross Country is a running sport in which teams and individuals run a race on open air course over natural terrain such as dirt or grass. Sometimes the runners are referred to as ...

NFL injury report

Austin Garza

December 13, 2017

NFL INJURY REPORT In Arizona Patrick Peterson injured his quadriceps and is questionable to play for week 7. There running back Andre Ellington is also, questionable to play. In Denver, Emmanuel Sanders injured his ankle an...

All about the 49ers

Sulema Gonzalez Lozano

December 12, 2017

49ers The San Francisco 49ers are a professional American football team. They compete in the national football league against teams such as the Seattle Seahawks, panthers, patriots, tigers and so on.The San Francisco team is loca...

Cliff Avrils neck injury

Jasmine Arevalo

December 8, 2017

Cliff Avril’s neck injury Cliff Avril’s neck injury is more serious than initially thought and could jeopardize the career of the Seahawks defensive end. Fox sports reporter Jay Glazer said during the fox NFL Sunday pre...

8th Grade Soccer

Andres De Robles

November 20, 2017

The Grandview Middle School 8th grade soccer team have a score of 8 games played, they won 4 games and they lost 3 games for right now this is what they have as a score for this season which we still have 1 more games to play...

Minnesota Vikings

Evan Benitez

November 17, 2017

Minnesota Vikings are a NFL team and there are 32 other teams that they can play against. They have 16 games and they only played 6 of the year right now . The Minnesota viking are 4-2 and they won the green bay packers, they...

lonzo ball

Lonzo Ball

November 16, 2017