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College Players Should get Paid


January 19, 2018

  To start with I'm going to be talking about college football players getting paid ok ready let's go should college players get paid i think they should cause the coach pay for $550 in prizes for them why should they...

Are Youth Sports Too Intense


January 19, 2018

It is better to understand that sports these days is getting to intense by coaches and parents are getting in the players minds to win at all cost, but it is good to be intense because it is a game you want to win and it makes yo...

Should Your Kids Play Youth Sports?  

January 19, 2018

Your kids might be playing some youth sports and you might be tired of taking him or her to games and practises or just started. Youth sports are for kids that can still not play in their schools for example there's soccer, vol...

Should College Athletes Be Paid ?


January 19, 2018

Many believe that college athletes should be paid and some believe they shouldn’t.Talks have been around that being paid will make your college look good and this will be used as a reward.Should they be paid or should they not...

Is cheerleading a sport?


January 19, 2018

Cheerleading has more reported injuries than any other sport, including football.  Also cheerleading is considered to be one of the hardest sports. Cheerleading has been around since 1898. Cheerleading is most know for a group of stu...

Why Homeschoolers Should play Public School Sports


January 19, 2018

Some states don't allow homeschooled students to play public school sports. Homeschooled students don't have as much equal rights as a regular student But the states that do allow homeschoolers play sports are the states that...

Should videogames be considered a sport ?


January 19, 2018

For a start  video games should be considered a sport because there are many good benefits to them. There also some bad benefits to video gaming like how some people say it's not a sport science there is no physical movement. ...

Are youth sports too intense?

Ramon Avalos

January 19, 2018

To begin with, are youth sports becoming intense every year. There is 2 million students/preteens that are getting injured every year.That is a large number of injured preteens and students that are getting injuries that can l...

Does gym help you perform better in classes?

Laysha Araiza

January 19, 2018

Gym is all fun and games, it's like a break from all the hard work you have done. But not only its a break from class, it actually helps you in class. Even though gym should not help in school, should gym be able to help in c...

If football is so dangerous to kids and adults should we be playing it and watching it?


January 19, 2018

Even though football can be dangerous we should be aware of the consequences and players should be trained to not hit head to head and also be train to tackle correctly all the drills should be practiced all the time and befo...

Wrestling At GMS

Lucas Pruneda

January 18, 2018

Wrestling has started in Gms is are a team going to be good this year? Way more kids joined this year than last year how could this affect the wrestling team in a good or bad way? We start practice at 2:30 and roll the mats out a...

Top 10 Best 3 Point Shooters Of All Time

January 17, 2018

10.Jason Terry 9. Klay Thompson   8. Dale Ellis 7.Larry Bird 6. Kyle Korver   5. Steve Nash 4. Reggie Miller 3. Steve kerr 2. Ray allen 1. Stephen C...