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Should the student dropout age be raised?


January 19, 2018

Student dropouts have been a problem in the united states there are over 1.2million kids that have dropped out of high school.Even though they can wait tell there 18 then just wait one more year cause i'll be their senior year...

Do parents have more expectations for their sons than for their daughters?


January 19, 2018

To begin with parents shouldn't care more for their sons than for their  daughters.Website title ‘’Do parents have different hopes and standards for their sons than for their daughters’’ support the relationship of all...

Are smoking ads effective


January 19, 2018

First of all A lot of adults smoke so many times  but do they read the side effects that are on it so they won't get sick by it and stop this we are going to learn about smoking ads effective. Did you know smokers spend abou...



January 19, 2018

To start with smoking might be good for you but you still don’t want to risk it and also it can affect your body but if you smoke a lot you can get addicted aslo if you smoke it a lot it can give you a disease. 3,765 teens have...

Students Grading Teachers!


January 19, 2018

Students act in many different ways.  But when it comes to grading their paperwork they all act in a scare way. What if i can tell you that you can grade your teacher but the best thing to do is to not grade theme because some...

Why do we need to use phones?


January 19, 2018

We need to use phones because what if you need to contact your parent or a teacher about something we need them because you will need to do your homework and to learn how do i know if it is the write answer?well i know by buy...

Should homeschooled students play sports?


January 19, 2018

There are 1.7 million homeschooled kids in the U.S. that's 3.4 % of school age population this means more kids are getting home schooled . Homeschooled students should be able to play any sport even if they don’t go to the ...

If football is so dangerous to kids and adults should we be playing it and watching it?


January 19, 2018

Even though football can be dangerous we should be aware of the consequences and players should be trained to not hit head to head and also be train to tackle correctly all the drills should be practiced all the time and befo...

Drinking and driving still a problem


January 19, 2018

“Get one” , “ no thanks i got to drive”. let's think about it for a second most teens won't choose that decision of not doing what there friends tell them to, most of them would do it that's why a lot of teens are injure...

Can graffiti ever be considered art?


January 19, 2018

Many people say that graffiti is destroying their cities, stores and homes that it inspires others to become the future vandalizers of tomorrow but they are wrong. To begin with many people do not see graffiti as art, they see i...

How should schools address bullying?


January 18, 2018

Even though, bullying is a huge problem around the world most commonly in the U.S there are some things we can do to try to stop it, how should schools address bullying, and how schools normally deal with it.

Should Video Games be considered a sport ?

Julian Morales

January 18, 2018

Even though people say that video games aren’t considered a sport since it requires physical movement but games are also helpful because some sports require mental focus   and thinking.