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Are Youth Sports Too Intense


January 19, 2018

It is better to understand that sports these days is getting to intense by coaches and parents are getting in the players minds to win at all cost, but it is good to be intense because it is a game you want to win and it makes yo...

Animal abuse


January 19, 2018

Why do people do animal abuse?I believe that people should not do animal abuse and to proof that i'm going to show 3 reasons why animal abuse is bad.overall i believe animal abuse should just not be happening because animal cou...

Should Your Kids Play Youth Sports?  

January 19, 2018

Your kids might be playing some youth sports and you might be tired of taking him or her to games and practises or just started. Youth sports are for kids that can still not play in their schools for example there's soccer, vol...

Alcohol effects


January 19, 2018

The use of alcohol is crazy, 100,000 humans die each year!!, and over 28 people die each day from drinking and driving, drinking is a issue because you could get over 1 of the 23 problems that alcohol causes. Alcohol is a liquid tha...

 Public vs. Homeschool


January 19, 2018

If you don’t  know what homeschool is or public school here are same few facts about it. Homeschooled is home education, it is teached by their own parents or tutor. Public School is a school that every person is allow, its...

Benefits to better school lunch


January 19, 2018

School lunch bleh all kids hate it. It's so bland, no color, no taste, gross all kids say this about school lunch, so let's improve it. School lunch I bet you hated it as well when you were in school. Even though there is laws for s...

Should Students Be Able to Grade Their Teachers?


January 19, 2018

Students think that they should be allowed to evaluate their teachers, that it is ”unfair” to them because they don't have a chance to evaluate teachers the way teachers evaluate students. That's not what most schools think, th...

Should College Athletes Be Paid ?


January 19, 2018

Many believe that college athletes should be paid and some believe they shouldn’t.Talks have been around that being paid will make your college look good and this will be used as a reward.Should they be paid or should they not...

Is cheerleading a sport?


January 19, 2018

Cheerleading has more reported injuries than any other sport, including football.  Also cheerleading is considered to be one of the hardest sports. Cheerleading has been around since 1898. Cheerleading is most know for a group of stu...

Why Homeschoolers Should play Public School Sports


January 19, 2018

Some states don't allow homeschooled students to play public school sports. Homeschooled students don't have as much equal rights as a regular student But the states that do allow homeschoolers play sports are the states that...

Is tackle football safe?


January 19, 2018

To begin with, Tackle football is safe because a lot of kids play football and don’t get injured. The website titled, is it wrong to watch football supports the idea of, if football is safe to watch. The article uses example...

Is online learning as good as traditional learning?


January 19, 2018

Many people are now taking courses online better than traditional learning.Well online courses are not bad but are there as good as traditional learning. To begin with online classes do give you more flexibility but it doesn't...