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Gum vs. Candy


November 5, 2018

When we compare gum and candy it becomes clear that gum is healthier than candy, right? Well, it is healthier but it still has sugar in it. 1 piece of gum has 5 grams of sugar but a standard serving of candy has about 70 grams of ...

iPhone vs. Android: Which phone is better

Renan Mendoza Arteaga

November 5, 2018

When people get phones they go for  iPhone and Android and that basically it all other ios phones have died and been buried. So as far as i could see iPhone and Android are basically like all you got in the future. So for some ...

The Similarity and differences between Comic books and Novels

Isaiah Delgado

November 5, 2018

Comic books and Novels are different but schools should allow comic books because comic books have pictures. Novels have chapters and Comic books don’t have chapters, they only have pages. Comic books such as Dragon Ball can b...

Dogs vs Cats


November 5, 2018

    Dogs and cats have some similarities and differences. However people like to say which one they prefer and say “dogs are better than cats” while other people say “cats are better than dogs.” Both of ...

Tablets or textbooks in school


November 5, 2018

People question whether tablets or textbooks are better for students learning.While some students like tablets and others like textbooks, it comes down to whether the school can afford it or not. However when it comes down to...

Role models in 1950s vs modern role models

Alberto Cambron Lopez

November 5, 2018

“In the 1950's, females that were considered role models were confident and talented. Girls looked up to them and wanted to be just like them some day. Females were expected to set a good example for young girls. “Today, many...

 People Who Influence Teenagers Most Of All: Parents & Celebrities


November 5, 2018

Teenagers have many influencers which they hope to be like them in the future, the most popular influencers are celebrities and parents. When teenagers grow, they grow to be the same or act like their influencers on what they do, alm...

The Cuban Missile Crisis


June 4, 2018

The Cuban Missile Crisis was a huge event in history. Experts say that this event could have caused a major nuclear war and this is essential well because its nuclear war, if this happened millions of people could of died and...

Do parents have different hopes and standards for their sons than for their daughter??


May 29, 2018

However, some parents support their kids before, during and after they come out and parents have differents standards with their daughters. In my opinion parents should have the same or mostly hopes and standard for their daughter...



May 29, 2018

Halloween is a holiday that not many people think of it, of what it actually means. Like wearing costumes or going to other places asking for candy or watching scary movies in the dark, or maybe even going to haunted scary hou...

Sea Turtles

Joanna Diaz

May 29, 2018

           Sea turtles are the best because there like humans  they live for very long time they also are in danger by other people and  throwing stuff buy the sea they lay eggs by the sea and they are look very ...

“This is America”


May 23, 2018

In the newly released music video, “This is America” by Childish Gambino, there’s a lot of hidden messages in the video. The first time I watched it, I didn't see anything weird or out of the ordinary until something wa...