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The consequences of Tsunami Vs Hurricanes

Isaac Cabanas

November 5, 2018

In this article you will learn the differences and similarities between both natural hazards, tsunamis and hurricanes. When we look at tsunamis and hurricanes they look like they both are different but they also have some simil...

Hurricane Florence


October 5, 2018

This article will talk about the progress of hurricane florence and how it ended up ruining some people’s life. But we will mainly focus on the progress that led up to all the floods and the ruined lives. Hurricane Florence could...

Tropical cyclone


June 4, 2018

Have you ever looked around you and there was a tropical cyclone forming near you? A tropical cyclone is a rapidly spinning storm system that forms only over warm water oceans. When ever one forms over a cold water ocean it is c...

Santa Fe Devastation


June 4, 2018

    On May 18th 2018 at Santa Fe High school the 22nd school shooting  happened it was a tragedy there was 10 dead and 10 injured one young man died to protect his art class so this man died a hero. The students said that ...

History of Racism in our country

Kiana Sanchez

May 29, 2018

This topic is very important even if it happened a while back, it still affects us today. When we think of racism we think of the Jim Crow Laws that seperated African American and the white people down in the south. But it wasn...

E. Coli


May 29, 2018

 Once I heard that romaine lettuce had a bacteria called E.coli and so do other places like  Chipotle also Papa Murphy's has E.coli too but why though how does the food get the bacteria or does the soil or the cow has the bac...

How Veterans are being treated in America


May 23, 2018

Veterans are brave men and women who go across seas to fight for our freedom. But quite unfortunately we are failing them. The VA (veterans administration) a government run hospital designed to help vets are rundown, or eithe...


April 25, 2018

The United States, France, and United Kingdom recently bombed three chemical centers in Syria because they were supposedly creating chemical bombs. During the past years, the Syrian government has been bombing its own citiz...


April 24, 2018

Rupi Kaur

Rupi Kaur

February 22, 2018

Flu Season 2018

Ashley and Arieanna

February 22, 2018

The flu season this year is reaching the point where it is so bad we can compare it to the swine flu in 2009. It’s so deadly that the flu has already claimed the lives of 37 children.“This is a difficult season, and we can’...