Students In Washington State Hold Supply Drive For Humble Middle School In Texas


Fabian Sales Rojas

As of this week Grandview has been collecting supplies for another school in Texas that was affected by Hurricane Harvey, Humble Middle School in Texas reached out to Grandview Middle School in Washington State via their AVID program.

Grandview Middle School has almost reached its supply donation goal of 500 items as of Wednesday September 27th. “Our goal is to reach at least 500 items, but we hope we get more than that” is what one student in the AVID program said.

The AVID program is a program that helps students better prepare for college in a positive environment. AVID teacher Pedro Rodriguez described avid as “a place where we treat each other like a family and help each other learn in a positive environment.” when asked why he decided to help Humble Middle School, his response was  “we’re just trying to help out our AVID family in need”.

Humble Middle School is a school that was affected during hurricane harvey, when students returned to school many of them found that their school supplies have been damaged by the water. They have asked for school supplies such as pencils, papers, notebooks, erasers, backpack and other school supplies that are needed.

Many students in Grandview middle school have been generous enough to donate items to the supply drive. Some teachers have also donated money to send the packages.

To give an idea as to how much supplies have been donated as of thursday september 28th the total amount of supplies donated was enough to fill all the boxes that the teacher had at the time. That morning the teacher could only get 13 boxes from the post office but that was still not enough to carry all of the donated supplies.

Some of the supplies donated from 1 class counted by Pedro Rodriguez’s class counted 25 notebooks,

11 backpacks and many other items. Although Texas is still recovering, that does not mean that education should slow down.