Brock Boeser – Life And Career So Far

Jackson Rowland

Brock Boeser grew up in Prior Lake Minnesota where he lived in a home with his mother Laurie his father Duke his brother Paul and his sister Jessica. Boeser has been playing hockey since he was a little kid. When he was little he was mesmerized at the goalie position, but later realized he liked it more as a player. Brock said that he just loved the way the big pads would fit perfectly together. When Brock was in college he played for the North Dakota Fighting Hawks. His college career consisted  of being a forward with 94 points on his side.

In 2015 in the first round he was the 23rd overall draft pick by the Vancouver Canucks (my favorite team. During his first year he racked up 5 points in his second 55 points, and this year so far he has 43 points with a total of 103 points in his NHL career so far. He was given the opportunity to go to the 2018 all star game, where he won a car and $337,500, for being the first rookie since Mario Lemieux in 1985. He has been making his mark in his great career so far.

Throughout Boeser’s many years he has had to overcome many obstacles in his career, including his best friend in high passing away from a car accident, but still playing the next game in his memory, to while making his NHL debut in 2017, sustaining a back injury from New York Islander, Cal Clutterbuck. Initially he thought his career was at stake, but returned next season, over time scoring 43 points.

Prior to the end of last season, Henrik and Daniel Sedin declared retirement. Henrik and Daniel were great mentors to Boeser. Henrik has said he was very impressed with his performance as a rookie. Brock has said that he will miss them very much, as mentors and players.

Finally, throughout Boeser’s career he has been amazing so far, with him certainly showing great potential in the NHL, and what will happen next in his career is unknown, but a lot guesses are succes.