Disney VS. Pixar


Have you ever looked at a case of a Disney/Pixar movie and thought about what you were in for? Well, today is your lucky day!! We are going to talk about commonalities and differences between Pixar and Disney.

You might think that Pixar and Disney are completely different things, in one way you are right, in another way, you are wrong.

                      Getting started

Walt Disney is the person that started everything. He had started this whole thing with an Alice’s wonderland cartoon that he created and he headed to California and went to a distributor. The distributor was nice and accepted it, that’s the day Walt Disney had begun his long journey.

Meanwhile, Ed Catmull was fascinated by Disney’s work. His idols were Albert Einstein and Walt Disney. He soon started his career working  as computer scientist; he worked for Computer Graphics Lab, a company who created software that gave animators tools for 2D effects. He began to develop 3D effects for large motion picture companies. He began to receive a lot of attention from Hollywood. Nevertheless his dreams of working in animation continued to linger. He left the computer company to pursue his vision of animation through computer graphics. He had to overcome many obstacles for his creative and unique way of making  children’s movie. He began working with Steve Jobs at Pixar.

Soon he was working for Walt Disney and Disney bought the Pixar company and they began to create something that was unique and amazing. They then started to share their talents.



Disney and Pixar have many similarities and differences between them and things that make a great animation company. For example, if you could create a phrase with the Pixar company it would be ‘Wouldn’t it be cool if’ like if a kid was holding their toy. If you made a phrase for Disney, it would be “Once upon a time…”. Which means that Disney is all about recreating a fairytale and making it better than the original fairytale. Pixar is all about giving important lessons to children while being entertained with cartoon characters. The most obvious similarity is that they are both companies that create children movies. Another similarity is that they both have great humor in all their movies and most movies from Disney and Pixar have talking animals or something that can’t actually talk.

In conclusion, we learned that Disney and Pixar have differences and similarities that can change the way they both seem.