Gum vs. Candy


When we compare gum and candy it becomes clear that gum is healthier than candy, right? Well, it is healthier but it still has sugar in it. 1 piece of gum has 5 grams of sugar but a standard serving of candy has about 70 grams of sugar. There is a big difference but a piece of gum is a lot smaller than a serving of candy. Also people who chew gum a lot don’t eat meals very much but when they do it is not a very healthy meal. That suggest that gum isn’t always good for you to chew but candy will also ruin your appetite.

In the text “Is Chewing Gum Bad For You?” it says “Chewing gum can boost your mood and alertness while combating stress.” What I learned from this quote is that gum can help you when doing school work. But the only problem is that a lot of teachers don’t allow you to chew gum. I can’t fix that but if you do have a teacher that lets you chew gum take the chance to do it especially if you are struggling or stressed because it will help you a lot.

From the text “25 interesting and scary facts about halloween candy” I learned, from this quote, that “A typical child’s loot bag has about 11,000 calories.” this quote expresses that parents don’t think about what people are giving their kids they only think about making their kids happy. They are not thinking about how much sugar their kids are getting and how unhealthy it is. Also, they are not thinking of how unhealthy their children could be after eating that much candy.

In the text “Is Chewing Gum Bad For You?” it saysChewing gum may temporarily turn off some of your brain’s stress-elevating “I need food” alarms, and so it may help lower worry and improve calm.” From this quote I learned that gum can help you not want to eat as much which can be a good thing and a bad thing. The good part about it is when you are hungry, right before dinner, gum will help you feel not so hungry. The bad part is that it could stop you from eating meals which is not healthy for you. Like if you are chewing gum right before dinner, and you don’t feel hungry for dinner, is not good because you are supposed to eat three meals per day but if you don’t eat dinner than that is only two or even just one.

In the text “25 interesting and scary facts about Halloween candy” it says “Tootsie Rolls became part of soldiers’ rations during WWII.” I learned from this quote that candy may not be good for you but if you are going like on a backpacking trip you might want to pack tootsie rolls or any other kind of food that stays good is all weather conditions. This explains that even though tootsie rolls are not healthy for you they still used them for rations because it is technically a life or death situation.