iPhone vs. Android: Which phone is better

Renan Mendoza Arteaga

When people get phones they go for  iPhone and Android and that basically it all other ios phones have died and been buried. So as far as i could see iPhone and Android are basically like all you got in the future. So for some long time  Android and iPhone are all you got.


Some advantages for Android is that it allows you to multitask with many applications on running at the same time.So you can be listening to music while still be playing a game. Also another advantage is when you get a notification and your real busy you can just thus through notification and already know if it’s important or not.the another advantage is  Android devices have expandable microSD card slots. Android batteries are also removable, allowing you not to replace the whole phone but the battery only.Also the second  last advantage for Android is the Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge, for example, out powers the iPhone 6S and it has a faster processor, more RAM, increase of battery capacity and better screen resolution.Then finally when it comes up to prices you can get a decent Android for a decent price  while if you get an iPhone it cost up to six-hundred dollars to get a decent phone.


To begin the reasons why you should get an iPhone instead of an Android is it only takes forty-two seconds to video edit unlike Android takes about two minutes.Another example is the two phones both have a lot of games but however iPhone gets the newer games.Also iPhone pay is and Android pay are good yet iPhone pay is better.Another piece of evidence is the difference when you need help because of a accident  on Android you have to try looking for a solution online or call your carrier whereas on iPhone you just make an appointment or get help via.One other example is its easier to use an iphone just three easy steps pick it up,turn it on and touch the app to open it unlike an Android it takes a longer time.


In conclusion there are ways iPhone can be better than Android  and how Android can be better than iPhone. So in the end all of the phones for them have things that are good and bad.