The Similarity and differences between Comic books and Novels

Isaiah Delgado

Comic books and Novels are different but schools should allow comic books because comic books have pictures. Novels have chapters and Comic books don’t have chapters, they only have pages. Comic books such as Dragon Ball can be made into TV shows and movies but most novels are made into movies not shows. Novels have words but Comic books have pictures with words. Comic books have 20 and 25 pages. Novels have 240 pages or more.

Comic books have pictures to help you to know what is happening but Novels have only words no pictures. You have to use your imagination more with novels to to think what is happening because there is no pictures. Both of them are different but they are both types of books.  

Comic books should be allowed in school because they are more interesting than novels. But novels can be interesting but it depends what the novel is about. I think students would want to read comic books in school. Comic books can be about different things like superheroes, villains, mysteries, and sci-fi.

When we compare comic books to novels, it becomes clear that both of them are different. The most obvious difference between comic books and novels is comic books have pictures and words but Novels have only have words. Novels are also longer than comic books. This is why they are different in their own way.

Another difference is comic books are funner to read. You have pictures to look at while you read you can look at the pictures to help you imagine what is happening in the book.This is one of the reasons schools should allow comic books. Kids would enjoy looking at the pictures in comic books. Comic books have a lot of colorful pictures novels don’t.