Tablets or textbooks in school


People question whether tablets or textbooks are better for students learning.While some students like tablets and others like textbooks, it comes down to whether the school can afford it or not. However when it comes down to choosing which one is better it comes down to which ones faster and which one helps you the best with your learning. The similarities between tablets and textbooks reveals that tablets are better but there are downsides to using tablets. When we compare tablets to textbooks, it becomes clear that textbooks have been used for a long time but now that we have all this new technology and there are new ways to learn.

Tablets are recommended by most teachers and they supposedly improve test scores.Tablets also have much more information it has, although tablets have more information textbooks have all the information you need however tablets have a lot more because of the internet and all the websites you can go on. While tablets have more information, tablets also increase the rate of learning students get by 30-80% according to the US Department of Education. The survey done by PBS equally says 77% of teachers found that technology increases the students motivation to learn which indicates students prefer to have tablets over textbooks. While tablets can do all of this, tablets also have more abilities than print textbooks like highlighting, edits, and notes which allow students to be more free in their learning.

Textbooks aren’t so bad if you think about it, not only does it help the student learn it help both the student and the teacher.  Just like tablets textbooks provide good sufficient information. In comparison to the tablet, the textbooks doesn’t need WiFi or battery life to work. If you want to get information for a long period of time instead  of charging your table, just use a textbook. Tablets might have more information, however textbooks give balanced chronological presentations of information. While the tablets have a lot of information, textbooks help out teachers that are just starting out and need help how to start off.

In conclusion when it comes down comparing tablets too textbooks, it’s clear that tablets are the better option but just like textbooks they get outdated and don’t work as good. Both of the tools are great for learning but when it comes down to choosing which one is better, the clear winner is the tablet. Although a tablet is better than a textbook when we compare a textbook to a tablet, we learn they have some differences and similarities and a tablet might be better than a textbook that doesn’t mean a textbook is bad and it’s still useful in class.