The consequences of Tsunami Vs Hurricanes

Isaac Cabanas

In this article you will learn the differences and similarities between both natural hazards, tsunamis and hurricanes. When we look at tsunamis and hurricanes they look like they both are different but they also have some similarities. In this article you might learn something new about both natural hazards.


  How the are formed

One difference between tsunamis and hurricanes is how they are both formed. Tsunamis and hurricanes are both formed in different ways, for example,tsunamis are formed by earthquakes underwater, volcanic eruptions underwater, landslides underwater, or very unlikely a meteorite strikes, but most likely a tsunami is caused by an earthquake. Hurricanes however are kinda similar to tsunamis on where they form but totally different on how they form. Hurricanes begin as a tropical storm over the warm moist water so like in the Atlantic and pacific ocean near the equator, as the moisture evaporates it rises until enormous amounts of heated moist air are twisted high in the atmosphere.


Damage from hurricane and tsunami


Another difference from a tsunami and a hurricane is the damage they can each to. Hurricanes and tsunamis both have the potential of doing massive damage to buildings, people, cities, etc but what make a tsunami more dangerous than a hurricane is that there is little advanced warning without the proper detector installed at sea so the people could not escape whereas for a hurricane we have the proper technology so humans can evacuate in time so no one gets damaged, hurt or possibly killed.


Characteristic of hurricanes and tsunamis

Both tsunamis and hurricanes are very unique. For example, they both can be  very severe when it comes to impacting humans. But overall a hurricane has caused more damage and death to humans than a tsunami. A large tsunami can kill more than 150,000 people and do untold damage, but hurricanes are a lot more common and have killed about 600,000 people in the last 50 years. So from all this we can say that both hurricanes and tsunamis are very strong however hurricanes do more damage to humans but tsunamis are a lot stronger than hurricanes.