Camping in the Woods or Resting by the Sea?



What would you rather do? Camp in the woods were all you can see at the very front of your eyes are trees, or rest at sea which the only thing that surrounds you is miles and miles of water. Well before you decide this article will give you details on what comes to each decision you make and the pros and cons which means disadvantages and advantages and the differences and similarities between them.

Although living by sea would be nice by just waking up to the your side view of the sea admiring the ocean water in the morning, may not be everything. This comes with challenges. While your in the sea resting their are many problems one that is very common is the salt in the sea water that can ruining supplies. The moisture of the sea water can shorten the lifespan of wood, cement, and metal if they aren’t used correctly. And if you were clearly to choose resting by the sea, when you were to stay in a place it would be hard to or either to cost more money because builders waste a lot of money understanding how to build a house that its materials wont have such a short lifespan. The pros of living by the sea are that as long as owners know what to keep safe from moisture they also have a lot of land in their property. You can also get beautiful sunrises and sunsets as long as you are in the right direction and nothing is in the way of the sky as if you were living in the city you would have building in your view.

It would be nice to breathe fresh air instead in sticking your head in electronics all day long. The pros of camping in the woods are is like what I just said in the beginning getting your head out of electronics like where you are right now reading this, by this you can get a rest from technology and enjoy the woods. Another thing is that you can let out your inner explorer to explore the woods and learn new things. You can also make new friendships grow now that you’re not too busy in a electronic and that you now have more time to pay attention to other things than a electronic. We can be lazy usually, mostly all of us but going to the woods can help, you can go on a run, hiking, etc. Something else we might like is the fresh air and silence, instead of everyday hearing the city go wild at day. The cons of camping in the woods are is the rain, its a summer day you decide to go camping and suddenly when finally there it starts to rain, muddy paths and when setting down your tent and then it could suddenly collapse because of a heavy rain. And something that we all go through is taking way too much stuff to a camping trip you will be smashed throughout the whole ride by your things. Lastly something that most people hate bugs, imagine bugs swarming around you everywhere, isn’t something I will really like.

This shows that these both have their differences and similarities and by now maybe you have chosen what you rather do remember these two have their advantages and disadvantages.