People Who Influence Teenagers Most Of All: Parents & Celebrities


Teenagers have many influencers which they hope to be like them in the future, the most popular influencers are celebrities and parents. When teenagers grow, they grow to be the same or act like their influencers on what they do, almost as copying. In this article you will learn about comparing and contrasting the two most influencers to teenagers on how they affect them.

Celebrities are usually famous because of their music, acting, or something everyone knows about youtube which is where most of the celebrities come from, they have many fans but many, many people who wish to be like them when they grow up, so technically they are are being influenced by their favorite celebrity. But what happens when their fans or teenagers choose to follow their every single move? When we contrast celebrities from parents we see that when teenagers go on social media they can see what their favorite celebrity is up to, most celebrities could say what their doing in their life or what they are recently doing, this isn’t very common but they would usually say if there on a diet to get into better shape but teenagers could feel the opposite about their body. Dysmorphia is what mostly every teenager suffers when they feel like their body appearance isn’t the best or that it doesn’t satisfy them enough. And also eighty percent of Americans start their diet at the age of ten which is not very healthy for young girls or guys when they don’t have to be so strict on what they eat, they’re only doing it to get a perfect body. Over time teenagers body changes dramatically they get self conscious and embarrassed and as their peers start to criticize them they listen to the peers criticism and do what they can to change it. One difference we can tell from celebrities and parents they won’t usually tell you to do this or to make you look perfect nor should celebrities but they do this to themselves. Also in the article it says “Self-criticism has become a fluid part of online media, with your teen using their online friends for validation, acceptance, and judgement” this means that it is very common on social media to do this to teenagers who take this criticism very seriously and try their best to change it. Another thing is that celebrities bodies aren’t always perfect as you see in movies, TV shows, etc. most of the time their either being airbrushed to give that amazing look, so technically you’re comparing yourself to paint on celebrities to make the measures perfect for yourself. Since most teenagers only have peer group feedback or also friends their feedback which can change their way in behavior and find new ways to change their body than ways that they are supposed to. As soon as teenagers start a way easier in dieting like vomiting after eating could keep going on as research was made that once they start at a young age they can’t stop doing it because of peer pressure or not being liked that way. This shows the differences between these both influencers by showing us how different it can be from parental influence.

Now we will be contrasting parent influence to celebrity influence and also comparing them. Parent influence could either be good or bad it depends because if parents have a positive attitude in front of their teenagers they will most likely grow positively rather than making bad choices in life, and if parents have a negative attitude then most likely teenagers will grow up with a negative attitude, but not all teenagers with negative parents end up like them they could end up changing too. But still most influence could end up being negative because of negative parents or problems with them and the way they could act in front of you. There are three types of influence a parent should show which is moral, spiritual, and educational influence which help teenagers become positive in life and that it also affects them.

Although their aren’t very many similarities here are some that compare to each other both parent and celebrity influence can cause a negative affect to teenagers like for celebrities it’s always the perfect body and the way that teenagers may hate how their body looks like a and for parents it’s how they act in front of them that may later affect them to act that way too.

This shows the similarities and differences in teenager’s influencers and how they  both affect to a teenagers life that is either in a good way or a bad way in their future decisions.