Nike & Adidas


When we compare and contrast Nike and Adidas we find out that there is many differences and similarities such as brand naming,different products and more.Have you ever thought about which company/brand is better?Well I’m here to tell you the similarities and differences of both companies,there is many different things between these two brands that can possibly make you like one more than the other .

Nike and Adidas are both great selling brands but there is always a company selling some sort of item more than the other.Some people are into Nike and Adidas because there are both good sport brands, sell good shoes or maybe one is cheaper than the other brand.

It all started on January 25,1964 when Nike was created and Adidas was created in August 18,1949 which means Adidas was created / founded 1st , which also means it’s been in the business of selling for almost 70 years !! While Nike has only been selling for about 54 years, Adidas is almost 16 years older than Nike . Even though Nike is 16 years younger than Adidas doesn’t mean Nike has worse products , Nike actually has had a few times were they sell a item a lot more than Adidas .


Adidas has made collaborations with a lot of big brands and has also signed a few celebrities. Someone that they have collaborated with is Kanye West which has made the Yeezy 350,750,700, and more , A famous basketball ball player known as James Harden has signed a contract with Adidas and has made more than 2 pairs of shoes with Adidas and that is just the beginning. Nike has also made a few collaborations with big brands or famous celebrities. One famous celebrity is Travis Scott who has his own signature Air Force 1!! The shoes is actually a really nice shoe that I would buy if I had $230 dollars to spend on shoes. Another brand that has collaborated with Nike is Off White which have made over 6 pairs of shoes with Nike in many different color ways mostly white and black though .The similarities between Nike and Adidas indicate both having products that have been a collaboration of a different brand including Nike and Adidas.


When we compare and contrast Nike and Adidas it becomes clear that they both bring out different products, the product might be for the same sport or event but overall it is a different product.The most obvious difference between Nike and Adidas is naming and models they each bring out a shoe like saying a Yeezy 750 and a Air max 97 there both popular but it’s a different shoe and different product.Lastly a big difference is the people that have signed a contract with Adidas or Nike,the amount that they are getting paid for that contract,and also the advertisement that is brought out for a product which can define if a item will sell better than the other companies that are trying to make profit for their product also.