iPhone Vs Android


When we compare iPhone and Android there are clear differences and similarities. But people like to argue over which one is better, however people do like to say iPhone is better or Android is better and most of the time they haven’t even tried the other platform and they just like to assume. Although people like to say one is better than the other and this one is bad and you shouldn’t buy it. When in reality the choice is up to you and you’re the one one getting the phone and not them. While  your deciding which smartphone to get it really comes up to what you like and what you feel comfortable with.

We can all relate and say that Android has a bigger variety of phones to pick from. While both platforms have great phones but when it comes to picking what phone fits you, your gonna have a better chance of finding one with Android since they have a bigger variety of phones to choose from. Although Android might have a bigger variety of phones, Apple is still making more money  than Android and so while Android is making more phones than Apple,Apple might be making less phones but its getting more money. By comparing Apple to Android, we learn that if you want a phone that is in you liking your going to have a better chance finding that on an Android smartphone.

When we compare Apple security to Android security it can be seen that Apple can be seen as too strict but it’s to keep the user safe from viruses. Android once let 1  million people download a fake WhatsApp get out and who knows what information would have gotten recovered from that. Androids security system might not be every good but, just like Apple it still has good security and it’s not all that bad. If you’re wondering between which platform has the better security, it would be Apple.

In conclusion, Both platforms have great smartphones, Although Android might be making more phones and Apple has better security, just like everyone else people use smartphones on a daily basis and which one you pick is up to you. Nevertheless you should try out both of the smartphones and see which one you like better. On the other hand you could just go off of what everyone says and take other people’s word for it. But in the end it’s up to you which smartphone is bet