The Debate: Spoon Vs. Fork




Spoons or forks? A question that is as unsolvable as, “ What is the meaning of life?” Spoons do have an age difference helping them, meaning they have more wisdom, even though “age is just a number”. But forks most of the time have the height advantage. The Debate will keep on going, keep track who wins on the end.0-0.

The Age Difference

The spoon has been around longer than the fork. They have stood the test of time since the Paleolithic era, aka the cavemen used them. Forks are actually a modified version that originated after the spoon. While, the fork was discovered later. According, to a book, “Ancient Inventions” by Peter James and Nick Thorpe, the fork might have been invented in the Eastern Roman Empire of Byzantium where forks were first used during the 4th century AD. As, it is seen here the fork was invented much,much later compared, to the spoon which was invented in the Paleolithic era. Spoons, are so old that, if they had handles there is a chance they were used for ancient Egyptian religious purposes as early as 1000 BC. 1-0 Spoon wins this round.

Other Unnecessary But Important Purposes

The spoon can be used to do many things then to just be used at a utensil. Spoons can be used for measuring. Especially, when you’re cooking or either, getting a dose of medication. For example, teaspoons or tablespoon. Besides, the fork doesn’t have that, which means the spoon is the superior in this topic. But another, unnecessary topic is which makes a better weapon? As we see here, it depends. Because, if you’re using a giant wooden spoon then that could knock somebody out. On the other hand, forks have prongs, which can cause some serious damage if they are used as a weapon. Especially, if they make contact, you know what will happen.(Unable to say what happens because it will be “inappropriate”). The score is currently 2-1 Spoons are in the lead

What’s Used More?

As seen, it seems that to many of us that both spoons and forks have similarities. Both of them have a handle, plus, they are both commonly used around the modern world, also they were created in the old world. But what utensil, is used more? The spoon is commonly to use to scoop ice-cream especially if you don’t have a scooper. Spoons, can be used primarily for eating liquid or semi-liquid foods. Examples such as soup, stew or ice cream. Including, very small or powdery solid items which cannot be easily lifted with a fork, such as rice, sugar, cereals and green peas. Forks, are commonly used for solid food. Like, meat and other solid foods.3-2 Spoons win the debate of all debates.

The Spork, is just a failed mutation baby combined with the fork and spoon and is basically, a failed project between the two.

The Ending Results

But, in conclusion forks and spoons, are utensils that are used to eat, and can be used for many of the same things and many different things. But,to our debate, the spoon is the superior utensil in the kitchen.