Miss Peregrine’s Home for Peculiar Children: Book vs. Movie



The thrilling and adventurous book that makes your fantasy come alive, has made a movie. Though there are a lot of fans of this book most of them did not like the movie at all there were the little things that made them dislike the movie. In this article will show you the similarities and differences between them both.

                            Differences between them

         Although fans loved the book they were left disappointed when watching the movie when they noticed small details that changed the whole movie. One difference from the book is that in the book Jacob follows this stranger who is Emma following her for answers then is captured by Millard and Emma and brought to the orphanage. But in the movie Jacob meets Emma and Millard and others then explores the orphanage, heads to the bar, then finally goes to the orphanage and is more confused to what he’s found. But in the movie  Jacob find a dead man named martin and uses Enochs powers to find out which wight killed him. In the book instead of bringing martin back to life he remains dead Jacob guessing that he was killed by a wight. Yet in the movie they find out it is Barron who killed martin. Later in the book another change is that in the book they captured miss peregrine, unlike in the movie she was willingly leaving in order to keep the orphans safe. However, the changes that brought together the differences of the book and movie. When Barron captured miss peregrine and miss avocet in the book he threw the cage outside the window into the ocean water causing them to drown, as the orphans ran to retreat miss peregrine and miss avocet Jacob and Barron had a fight. Afterwards the fight Barron was killed as the house itself fell on him causing him to die. When finally they retreated the birds but miss peregrine couldn’t retreat her human form, they went on with their journey and this is when the second book comes in. although the book the movie has a totally different ending the orphans and Jake stay in the orphanage with miss avocet, though later on she is killed by a hollow, the orphans were on their own now, they decided to save miss peregrine. Unlike the book they had a huge fighting scene at a amusement park and Barron was killed by a hollow, also Jacobs grandpa lived and now Jake could look for the orphans and then went on with his journey.



     Some of the similarities are that both in the movie and novel after their journey in rescuing miss peregrine they all follow the orphans journey leading up to the second book that explains their journey. They both somehow killed Barron and Barron also was disguised as Dr. Golan but the only change was the gender. And Ransom Riggs agreed to this change and also thought that this was how his book should have written.


     This shows the similarities and differences about the movie and novel, maybe they will make other movies for the other novels, it’s just another mystery waiting to be solved.