Tortoise vs. Turtle


What is a dolphin like to an orca you ask? Well sorry but in this article we will be comparing sea turtles to tortoises.So let’s get started because I have a lot of information to share and give to you guys!



So where does a sea turtle live you ask? Well it is in the name of the type of turtle but i’ll explain anyway! So yes a sea turtle lives in the sea/ocean while on the other hand tortoises live on land.


                         Birth and baby’s

Yes these two type of reptiles do have comparisons, they are both reptiles and turtles just from different families, and through the female laying their eggs as both lay their eggs on the ground.However a tortoises eggs will hatch after 80 days of resting on them while a turtles eggs will take 90-120 days to hatch after resting on them.



So what do tortoise eat you ask? Well according to my information tortoise are herbivores which means they only eat plants while on the other hand we have turtles which can be herbivores and carnivores which feed on meat or other animals.