The history of cake




In this article “ The history of cakes and how to make cake” i chose  this article because cake was one of them that was here since long time ago. People would want to know how long cake was here, also if some people don’t know how to make cake this article would be for them.


                                  The history of cake


In this article “The history of cakes and how to make homemade cake. The oxford english dictionary traces a english word cake back 13th century.

From this quote, i learned that hungary and ravaged in 13t century when cake was back 13th century.

The History of chocolate cake goes back to 1764, when Dr. James cook discovered.

The quote expresses that was go so, they use different long aren’t things to bake a cake because the things we use where there in the back and had to make chocolate a different way to make a chocolate cake.


On june 13, 1933, the company had informed the US patent office that it major breakthrough, arguably history-a cake mix that requires biggest in cake mix.

This comment helps me to understand that people had to make by doing it by them self and didn’t have cake mix and now their is cake mix where you only need to add water, egg and the rest is the cake mix and put it in the oven.

But long time they had to buy all of the ingredients.

Angie Dudley also known by the baker name of Bakerella, invented the cake pop in 2008, Angie had her own bakery name Bakerella like her last name it was name from her last name in Georgia.

This suggests that Angie was the first to make cake pops were invented. Although the popularity of home baking and the role of cake in diet have both changed during the 20th century and they have kept their image as “treats” and maintain their ceremonial importance, at wedding and birthdays.

People didn’t use cake for Halloween, valentines, Christmas.

Cake is a term with, a long history and denotes a baked flour confection of sweetened and honey.  

Cake was here for a long history and also that cake was called bake flour and mostly just bake flour.


One important key is, Among the remains found swiss cake made from roughly crushed gains, moitend, compacted and cooked on a hot stone.

This quote expresses that they use to cook on a hot stone than cooking in a pan.

Ancient Egypt was the first culture to show evidence of true skill in baking making many kinds of breads including some sweetened.

Did you know that cake was eaten by a cup instead of a plate and also eaten by sweet wine or tea. During the 19th century, technology made the cake-baker’s life much easier.

The chemical raising agent bicarbonate of soda, introduced in the 1840’s, followed by baking powder by also adding a dry mixture of bicarbonate of soda with a mild acid, replaced yeast, providing a greater leavening power with less effort.

Another technology breakthrough was more accurate temperature controlled ovens. Technology also made a easier way by not making chocolate by  grinding cocoa beans between two massive circular millstones now we use chocolate bars and melt them to make chocolate cake.