Engineering is a very important job. Engineers are very important people because if we didn’t have engineers there wouldn’t be cars, trucks, etc,. Doing research I learned a lot of stuff about engineering that I didn’t know before. For example I learned that engineering is divided into four different sections.  Engineering has been around since the about 1860s.

One important detail that I learned from a text is that civil and mechanical engineering is really important. Anther detail is science-Based engineering was invented around 1890. Engineering has a lot more science in it than I thought. If you want to be an engineer you have to know a lot of physics, chemistry, and mathematics. If you are only good at math or only good at chemistry than you wouldn’t be a good engineer. You have to have knowledge in all of those subjects.

After every 2-3 years engineers made technology better and better. But during the World War II they didn’t make technology better. They finally made it better but after World War II. I think with the war going on it made it difficult for them to improve technology. Now engineers will create new technology about every 1 ½ years. I think they are making new technology because people are demanding new technology.

From the texts I read I learned that you need to know a lot more lot more science than I thought. I also learned that Engineering and technology are related in ways I didn’t know. For example I learned that they are related because if you didn’t have engineers than you couldn’t create technology. But If you didn’t have technology than you couldn’t create anything. They use each other to do the things they are meant to do. My dad told me that if you go to the University of Idaho you could become a good engineer. My favorite type of engineering is nuclear engineering. A lot of people think nuclear engineering is making bombs but it is not. There is so much more to nuclear engineering. I don’t know much about nuclear engineering but I know enough to make it my favorite.

It takes a lot of work to be an engineer. For example civil engineering is building bridges, roads, buildings, etc. Like I said previously you need to know A LOT of chemistry, physics, and mathematics.In other words you have to be really smart. Civil and mechanical engineers were practical artists but now they are scientific professionals. After WWII a lot of technology improved. Before WWII science-based engineering developed electricity. In one of the articles I read it said that engineering was invented around 1860. Also without technology you wouldn’t be able to make engineering or designing posible. Also, in some cases, without natural resources you wouldn’t be able to make some designs posible. Without engineers things that we need in life wouldn’t be available. I want to be an engineer and it is so important. Even though there are four different parts of engineering there are a lot of types of engineers. They just divided it into four different sections.

Engineering is very cool and interesting to study and learn about in my opinion. I would like to study about how they are different and how they are the same. All those reasons are why I decided to write about engineering and technology.