History Of Hershey Chocolate


Hershey Profile


Milton S. Hershey, King of Chocolate. Known for his desserts, his amusement park, and his school. Born September 13, 1857, Derry Township, PA. Hershey started in a town named Derry Township PA. With his dad Henry, mom Fanny and sister Serina.  Sadly his sister died because of scarlet fever at the age of 5. Milton never got the education he needed, but that didn’t stop him from getting to where he was.                                                                                     

The Beginning of Success     


Hershey started as a newspaper writer but he didn’t like that job so he got himself fired. His mother got Hershey a new job. Joseph Royer hired Hershey as an Icecream maker and that’s how he learned the basic steps of how to make candy. Hershey worked for Joseph 4 years. With his new skills, Hershey decided to make his own little business. His Mother and Aunt Martha helped him. But his little business wasn’t making enough money and went bankrupt. But Hershey kept on trying. His dad gave him some advice and told him to come to Denver and work with him. Hershey decided to go. He wasn’t successful there ether because Denver wasn’t producing alot of ore at that time. Hershey decided that if he wanted to have a successful business, he needed some help.                 

During his time with a local confectioner he learned how to make caramels out of fresh milk. With these skills, he left for Chicago and New Orleans. His business failed so that took him to New York City in 1883. That was working well but ended up being a failure.


The Lancaster Caramel Company


Hershey never gave up. Hershey didn’t have a penny and his relatives saw him as a failure. With help of William Henry Lebkicher who worked for Hershey before, helped him and so did his mom and aunt Maddie. With their help he started producing the Crystal A caramels the caramels that melt in your mouth and made with fresh milk. Some time later a british candy importer ordered a very large amount of his caramels. For this Hershey had to ask the Lancaster National Bank for money if he was going to make all that candy for the british importer. The bank was very impressed of Hershey so they gave him the money. After that his candy company was very successful.


House and Marriage                     


With the money he was getting from the caramels he could finally spend it for his wants. He built a nice big house and decorated it how he liked it. He also used the money to travel he when to all kinds of places like Mexico and Egypt. Then he got married to a beautiful Irish American woman named Catherine ‘’Kitty’’ Sweeney. She gave joy to the family and even though they couldn’t have kids they lived happily together. Catherine sadly died of a debilitating disease in 1915.