How Candy Canes are Made


Have you ever wondered how candy canes are made or if there was a reason why they were made. The first step to making a candy cane is sugar, water, and corn syrup then they mix it together to make a candy cane.The second step to making a candy cane is to mix the batch until the candy cane batter turns white and this single batch can create 3200 candy canes!


The third step is to get the batch and roll it into a log like shape. The fourth step is much like the third step they get a red like candy cane and roll it into a log shape and then stretch and fold to make it wider and then apply it to the white batch. This batch could weigh as much as 100 pounds and could require more than one candy maker to move it to the next machine.


The next step is to is to put the batch to a machine called a patch roller to make the batch thinner and thinner. The next step is to put the batch in another machine and it will twist the batch to make the red spiral around the cane. The candy originated in Germany not in america as many people think.


The next step is to put the batch into an knife like machine to make it the length of a candy cane so it’s not as long. The next machine is where the candy cane gets it can shape how they do it is by making steam so they can forge the shape as a cane                                                                                     and make it much easier for the makers. The they do the same process with different flavors that’s why there is different flavored candy canes.

The final step to making a candy cane is having a crane like machine to put the candy canes in boxes and that’s why there’s different flavored candy canes beaseuse the cranes put random flavors together. This process can take 30-60 minutes to just put the candy canes in different boxes.                                                                                                                                                     


The first candy cane was made 350 years ago and it was only white and it was not in a shape of a cane.The candy canes red represented the blood of christ and the white represents the purity of the christ and the J shape is for jesus. The candy cane has went through many innovations throughout history from being a white stick with a sugar to a cane with a peppermint taste.


In conclusion is that a candy cane seems like a simple candy to make but there is many steps of making a candy cane and it is very interesting on how they are made by all the machines to the cranes that get the candy canes and put them into their boxes