History of Optometry


Optometry is a type of doctoring that focuses on the eyes.Most people know optometrist as eye doctors. Now a days optometrist make way more money than what they were making in the early ages. When optometry first was a thing, Optometry has been around for a very long time, nobody can trace back to when they were invented because it was so long ago. Although many articles and historians say that glasses were discovered in the early 13th century. Many people believe that glasses were around way earlier than that, but they don’t have any proof to prove that theory.

The History of Optometry

The inventor of the spectacles (glasses) was named Salvino D’Armate. Although he invented glasses, he is not the one that made the first pair of them. It is unknown who made the first pair of glasses. During the times they were in, everybody had to use what was provided to them, most things were found in the wilderness. Prior to it being the early 13th century, these glasses were formed using a mixture of quartzor, and rock crystals.

The inventor of optometry, was Johannes Kepler, in the year of 1270, in that time optometry centers were very rare, and only in towns with a lot of money. In 1976, The U.S .A.’s court announced that optometrist were aloud to give therapeutic drugs to their patients. In 1947 the first person ever wore colored contacts, following with the first ever prescription eye contact exam. Way before in 1922 was when officials from the white house held a meeting to make O.D. (optometry) a new major in collage. 115 years ago the state of Minnesota passed a law defining optometry as a health profession. Long before glasses were invented, a man by the name of Roger Bacon invented the magnifying glass. The magnifying glass dates back to the 1st century. But optometry was mainly discovered in the Netherlands, and Greece, then quickly spread across north america, then slowly spread to other countries.

Optometrist do a lot to take care of our eyes, for example, they examine, diagnose, and manages diseases and eye disorders, they also perform procedures that take years of practice to master. There are many different types of doctors that major in eye care, there is doctor for every eye disease, like sleep apnea, conjunctivitis, strabismus,blindness, dry eye, and pink eye. All of which require a doctor to study and treat for. There is also many other doctors that have a major related to optometrist, like chiropractors, podiatrist, and dentist. Optometry has been around in this country since 1891.

Now it takes 8 whole years of college to become an optometrist. There are even optometrist in the military. In conclusion optometry has been around for ages, it is very helpful to most people,

Optometrist are very important to people because if you look around, most people have glasses, in fact 2 in 5 people in each country in North America have a 20/20 vision. Without optometrist we would not be able to see clearly.