To begin One of the most epic creation was created by Jawed Karim, Steve Chen and Chad Hurley.This is what we know today as social network called YouTube.     

What started this network was the Janet Superbowl incident  and a tsunami in December of 2004. Then over time a few months after  April 2005 was the very first YouTube video. It was a 19 second video uploaded by Jawed karim named “me at the zoo’’. Soon after that 5 months later Nike was the first to embrace YouTube promotionale potential. Nike then made a video of a soccer player named Ronaldinho, they made a video of him dancing the Samba with the ball.over time  this video was the first to go viral. In 2011 “Gangnam Style’’ was the first video to hit a billion views. YouTube received $11.5 million in investments from the Sequoia Capital in 2005. Less than a year Google then acquired YouTube. Even thought it was a small company. Google offered $1.65 billion.Very few people had known about the social network.         

 In June 2007 the site eventually reached the UK as well as 8 other countries. In 2010 new types of ads were introduced to the site. Which soon hit three billion daily views mid-way through 2011.Suddenly this attracted different types of people, such as gamers and vloggers.With over a billion of users, nearly half the users worldwide. YouTube has When YouTube started it could not reach far       basically started from dust to whole empire that just started from three guys. Long before YouTube was hardly known.YouTube even had adults under 30 not paying for a television subscription because of social network! Over 1.3 billion people use YouTube everyday and 300 video are being uploaded by the minute.

Will YouTube continue to have a successful future? In my opinion I believe YouTube will become more successful. Television has had a good run. Times have changed. There is about one billion hours of viewings every day. Currently now it seems YouTube looks like it is going to pass television subscription as the most watched format in the United states.Finally YouTube as only grown bigger and bigger throughout time and  i think it might pass television.So YouTube has gotten better and better. So in the future i believe that YouTube will pass television.It’s amazing how just 3 guys made a very small network to a huge network that billion of people use and might pass television.

So a question i have is what will YouTube do now that YouTube is successful?.Also how will they upgrade or will they?. Will never know but we what we do know is YouTube might pass television.