Yeezus Christ


Yeezus, the rapper who only said the few words of, “Scoop didy whoop” and got praise on his song named “Lift Yourself”, many people thought he was on the brink of insanity until, he released his album “ye”.Before, we get into this all, Yeezus is Kanye West a rapper and producer and a clothing line owner.But, for everybody who don’t know Kanye West, then congrats, you will know who Kanye is after reading this.

Kanye’s Childhood

It all started on, June, 7th,1977 in the city of Atlanta, Georgia. Kanye was born in the Atlanta, new to the world. He was the son of Ray and Donda West. Ray West was a former “Black Panther’’  a group of people who pushed for civil rights, plus a photojournalist during the 1970’s- 1980’s. His, mother was a professor. Kanye’s parents would soon divorce when Kanye was three.The cause of this was due to the fact that Ray and Donda weren’t getting along. Donda has known to say, that once they separated and came back to each other again that why would be best friends. As you can see they ended up staying divorced. Unfortunately, for the soon to be rapper and producer would never grow up with a united family.After that Kanye was raised on the middle-class of neighborhood Southern Shore of Chicago, he spent the summers with his father.Once, Kanye reached the age of 10 he moved to China with his mother Donda , she was there for a university-exchange program. Kanye West, was the only foreigner in his class. After, he returned from China, in High School Kanye was introduced to Chicago’s Hip-hop moment that was going on as a trend in the city. He befriended, DJ and producer named, “No I.D”, No I.D soon became his mentor.

 His Music Career Begins

Kanye, was having a decent career producing for local artist  in his hometown of Southern Shore and in Chicago but, Kanye, has made his signature “Chipmunk Soul”, during this process he would get, sped-up soul samples. Now, was his big break, his time to shine. After moving to, New York in 2001 he worked with Jay-Z, here he produced the song “This Can’t Be Life”. After, that he made four more songs in Jay-Z’s album,”The Blueprint”, which many music critics and listeners label one of the greatest albums of all-time. Furthermore, he then produced for, Ludacris and Mos Def, Talib Kweli including, singers, Beyoncé and Alicia Keys.

  Kanye, didn’t get full satisfaction for just being a producer. He wanted to be on the top of producing, also rapping. Kanye, wanted to rap on Jay-Z’s label. But unfortunately, he got tough love, Jay-Z to reject him, answered,” We all grew up street guys who had to do whatever we had to do to get by. Then there’s Kanye, who to my knowledge has never hustled a day in his life. I didn’t see how it could work.” It just didn’t work out for West, he didn’t have the “gangster” style that other rappers had. He wore casual shirts and regular pants. West, on the other hand didn’t get accepted in other labels either, Recalling, “”I’d leave meetings crying all the time”. Finally, in 2002, Damon Dash signed Kanye West to Roc-A-Fella. Mainly, he was a producer in the records.

That October, Kanye West was driving home from a successful session of recording in a California studio. Sadly, Mr.West was involved in a head-on car collision that injured him on the left side of his jaw shattered. He wrote and recorded a song about the experience, “Through the Wire,” with his jaw still wired shut following reconstructive surgery.Kanye, kept processing on his album writing and finishing it in LA. But once the album was complete. Surprisingly his album was leaked online. In response, West decided to make it better, revising the beats and rewrote songs, adding stronger drums, gospel choirs and strings (he paid for orchestras out of his own pocket).

 The College Dropout

His first recorded album was finally released in February 2004. His album sold an impressive 2.6 million copies. This, strong performance made West a star. His album titled, “The College Dropout”, this broke the stereotypical gangster rap mold. The album showed themes including consumerism,racism, higher education and his religious beliefs. A song that showed that was, “Jesus Walks” and many others that showed off his themes of this album. His album peaked at Number 2# on Billboard 200 Hot Chart. This gave Kanye’s

album many awards and Kanye received 10 Grammy nominations, winning three of the nominations. Eventually, Kanye founded G.O.O.D Music, this is an acronym for “Getting Out Our Dreams”, he then signed, Pusha T, Big Sean and Common plus, John Legend.

Late Registration

Late Registration. This was Kanye’s 2nd album and it is said he spent 2 million dollars for an orchestra and a famous composer Jon Brion, who has never worked with a rapper. Kanye didn’t care. He wanted to expand hip-hop as much as he can.

The results were spectacular, yielding another three Grammy wins, with an additional Best Rap Album again, plus Best Rap Song for his song “Diamonds from Sierra Leone,” furthermore, Best Rap Solo Performance for “Gold Digger.” Late Registration debuted at No. 1 on the Billboard Hot 200.

His Albums Now

His latest albums are, “Kids See Ghosts” and “ye”. “Kids See Ghosts” is a joint,  album with Kid Cudi.”Kids See Ghosts” is a reflection off of Kanye and Kid Cudi’s before and after mental, talking about their addictions and topics occuring around the world.On the other, hand “ye” is Kanye and what Kanye does. On his song “Yikes” he talk, about trendy topics around politics especially, “#Metoo” movement. Next album Yahndi, was supposed to release on 9/29/18 but still hasn’t dropped.

 Where’s Yahndi?

Yahndi. ‘A conjunction of  Kanye West’s “Yeezy’’ and Mahatma Gandhi this creates “Yahndi’’. Kanye teased most of his fans posting “YAHNDI 9/29/18”, but as most teases in this world it doesn’t happen. Yahndi will be his 9th studio album. TMZ has asked why he didn’t put the album out and throughout Kanye West’s paragraph, a little of track  answer it was simply that he wanted to record in Africa and also told fans his album will be released 11/23/18.But, then again his long surprising answer might change. Making most fans say, Yeezus Christ.