Hurricane Florence


This article will talk about the progress of hurricane florence and how it ended up ruining some people’s life. But we will mainly focus on the progress that led up to all the floods and the ruined lives. Hurricane Florence could have been as bad as Hurricane Howard which could make the Hurricane even worse than it already is. But were not here to talk about howard so lets start this article.

Hurricane Florence started near wrightsville beach at 7:15 in North Carolina.  The hurricane caused 75% of Duke energy customers to lose power. To be more precise according to North Carolina Department  of Public Safety there have been 704,483 statewide power outages. To make it all worse there is still flooding everywhere which can stop people from leaving their homes since the water could be contaminated with chemicals. But there have been up 13,000 service members helping out the people in need of help. Hurricane Florence is the wettest cyclone ever recorded in the carolina. After the hurricane the floods came in and made the situation even worse.

Once the water came into Carolina the people in the area were forced to evacuate and leave their homes behind. But some decide to stay and put sandbags around the doors. Eventually helpers were able to get in the area and help the people in need. Following the tsunami up to 13,000 service members were deployed to help out the people in the affected  areas. The army has provided 200 medical beds, 4500 cots and 18 water purification systems. The water from the floods can be contaminated with all the chemicals from factories and some areas can be deadly. After it made landfall it was 20 miles from columbia southwest Carolina. But the storm was going 8 mph and the winds were at 35 mph. In only a couple of days there was hundreds of rescues and there’s been flooding non stop everywhere.

About 42 people died and there’s more to be expected more deaths because of all the flood and contaminated floods. At this point people thought Hurricane Florence could be as bad as Hurricane Matthew. But that didn’t end up happening thankfully and now there has only been floods. Now Hurricane florence went from a category 4 to a 1 in North carolina. The us soldiers are committed to save people from the Hurricane florence. Some reporters interviewed some people and all they could say was “there is flooding everywhere in the city and the rescues are non stop.” The massive storm had to force more than 1 million people out. Hurricane Florence has now become the wettest cyclone ever recorded in the Carolinas.

Hurricane Florence was very devastating for many people and there was a lot of help needed. There were 13,000 service members helping but there was no help in some areas where people needed it the most. Homeless people were in need of help and in some places there wasn’t enough space for them but not just them either. Normal people with homes and jobs could have lost all their belongings to the floods. Some people decided to put sandbags at their doors so that no water could get in and then after decided it was best to leave. But the Hurricane itself caused major problems and it left affected areas destroyed. In conclusion Hurricane Florence started as a major storm but it went down and ended as a category 1 hurricane.