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History Of The Seattle Seahawks


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When the Seattle Seahawks took the field for the first time in the 1976 NFL season around 59,000 people were watching in the 69,984 seat Kingdome. The Seattle Seahawks were named the 28th NFL franchise. On January 3rd Jack Patera, who was once an assistant head coach for Minnesota, became the first head coach for the Seattle Seahawks in the 1976 season. They went 2-12, which is really bad if you ask me. The next season they went 5-9 and in the next two seasons they went 9-7.


Jack Patera was removed from head coach in 1982. Mike McCormack finished the season and then was replaced the next year by Chuck Knox who through nine seasons brought the Seahawks to a 83-67 record. Chuck led the Seahawks to the AFC championships. In 1984 Chuck Knox coached them into a 12-4 season and into the playoffs. Tom Flores who was the raiders head coach became the Seahawks head coach. In 1995 Flores was replaced by Dennis Erickson who was really successful as a Miami coach.


Steve Largent is the all time best seahawks player so far. He held 6 all time records of all the NFL. In 1995 Steve was elected into the NFL Hall Of Fame.


In 2014 the Seahawks won the super bowl, this was their first and only Super Bowl win, yet they have been in the super bowl 3 times in total. This season the Seahawks are 2-2 and have an all time record of 313-312, they only have one more win than loss.


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  1. Antonio Ramos on October 9th, 2018 1:51 pm

    Nice article bro.

  2. isaac on November 7th, 2018 12:34 pm

    i like this article its good i like that you did good on your spelling and writing. the only things i would say is try to write longer and use more transition words.

  3. Jose on February 21st, 2019 12:58 pm

    I like how you started all the way from when the franchise started and not earlier on from the Seahawks we know today.

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History Of The Seattle Seahawks