A Peep At The Past

Sophia L. Flores

They said a Peep used to take 27 hours to make 1. Now takes 6 minutes. Peeps are made of sugar, corn syrup, gelatin, and food coloring.The man who created the Peep was Sam Born back in 1910 and the Peep is still one of the best non-chocolate Easter candies. The first place Sam Born set up his shop was Brooklyn, New York. I think the reason he set up in Brooklyn was because it is a popular place and he wanted his company to be known. Back in 1910 when the company was first getting started they used to squeeze the Peeps through little pastry tubes. But now they have some of the best technology to make the better Peep.

Now Peeps are available in five different colors yellow, pink, white, lavender, and blue and as a Halloween treat, not a trick. They have little ghost, bats, and Frankenstein so you can enjoy Halloween with a little treat not a trick.

A scientist at a college for a little fun did a experiment with a Peep, water, sulfuric acid, and sodium hydroxide the scientist declared Peeps indestructible after putting the Peeps In the test to see if it will be like any other candy and dissolve. In the end the scientist found out that the peep cannot be dissolved in water, sulfuric acid, and sodium hydroxide. The reason Peeps cannot be dissolved is because what it is made of.


As the main colors of peeps in popularity are yellow, pink, lavender, and white. As you can tell the peep has been the number 1 non-chocolate candy for Easter for more than 20 years. I believe it is like that because the peep has a reputation and plans to keep it that way. Did you know that the peep was so popular that they had a speed eating contest to see who can eat the most peeps. The lead eating peep eater ate 102 peeps in 30 minutes. Can you believe how much technology have upgraded over the years? It has grown a tremendous amount since the 1900’s because it use to take 27 hours to make a single peep now it takes 6 minutes with multiple machines going making hundreds at a time that’s how much technology has grew over time.