Tropical cyclone


Have you ever looked around you and there was a tropical cyclone forming near you? A tropical cyclone is a rapidly spinning storm system that forms only over warm water oceans. When ever one forms over a cold water ocean it is called a hurricane. They form in warm water that are usually near or on the equator line. They form in the north and south pacific ocean and in the indian ocean. And they are so powerful that they can reach winds up to 74 miles per hour.


A cyclone span on earth can range from one hundred through two thousand kilometers long. And there are lots of tools that people use to find the exact size of the cyclone. They are as big as they can be in the north west pacific ocean and they are the smallest in the northeastern pacific ocean. Size plays a very important role in finding out how much damage a storm or cyclone is gonna do. If the cyclone or storm is bigger it means it will hit a lot more land and cause a lot more damage.


Tropical cyclones can cause lots of things to happen out in the sea like heavy rainfall floods and very high winds. It can also cause ships to go off course and can even cause shipwrecks. 90% of tropical cyclone deaths are because of when the sea level gets high. Over the last to centuries over 1.9 million deaths are caused from a tropical cyclone.but tropical cyclones also help by taking warm tropical air and moving it into some cold polar areas.