Santa Fe Devastation


    On May 18th 2018 at Santa Fe High school the 22nd school shooting  happened it was a tragedy there was 10 dead and 10 injured one young man died to protect his art class so this man died a hero. The students said that the shooting was started in 1st period they were just getting there stuff ready and they hear “WE ARE IN A LOCK DOWN I REPEAT WE ARE IN A LOCK DOWN” after that they hear BANG BANG BANG and people screaming for their lives as well as other kids in the classrooms they were texting their parents and crying but they had to stay quiet enough for the suspect won’t go in or attempt their classroom.

    Another expert had said that kids were saying that weren’t surprised but just scared so basically they were waiting for it so they can get it over with but at the same time they weren’t because people are hurt and some passed away. The suspect name was Demetrios Pagourtzis some news said that the gunman was a student at Santa Fe High School.So maybe that why he started during first period so that he can get the kids who might have been late to their classes.

     Now that trump says that wants to allow teacher to be able to have the privilege of having a gun at school if there’s is another shooting in anywhere in the 50 states so that they can protect themselves and their students is that a good idea. I think not because some teachers can have episodes and some can go crazy when kids don’t listen and BAM the teacher can shoot the students but that if the teacher can control themselves and nothing happens then it can be okay but I’d prefer not allowing the teachers to have a glock or any type of gun of any sort.

So now let’s talk about who started this whole thing in the first place his name is like said earlier Demetrios Pagourtzis he a junior at santa fe high school .He was basically telling people that he was going to start soon on his facebook, instagram and snapchat and he had this shirt that “Born to Kill” and nobody reported it and look what happened 10 dead and 10 injured that wouldn’t have happened if somebody had reported him.

So this was heartbroken article to write about but this was the 22nd shooting of 2018 they weren’t allowed to school until May 29th.I hope that this article can help you to keep anyone or everyone safe.