Mexico will be headed to the russian world cup in 2020 this team is also the national team for Mexico.This team also has some of the best players in the world like Javier Hernandez or also known as “Chicharito”,Giovani Dos Santos,Andres Guardado,Hector Herrera,and also Raul Jimenez.Mexico has also made the world cup from 1985 to 2015.Sports is a powerful example that suggest that the sport of soccer is the most played sports in the country of Mexico.In 1970 Mexico played their first world cup ever.Also,in 1986 was also one of the years that Mexico got to play in the world cup.

                               History Of Mexico

Mexico was founded in 1324 by tenochtitlan and it’s first name wasn’t actually Mexico it’s first name was “Aztec Triple Alliance”.Mexico’s symbol shows an eagle eating a snake this symbol represents that Mexico is not afraid of anything.Mexico has also had some of the best players in the world or also known as legends. Rafael Marquez,Guillermo Sepulveda,Javier Hernandez,Juan Francisco Valencia,and Luis Roberto Alvarez.All of these players have been in the soccer national team from the past years or from past decades.Mexico has also had a lot of great players but only one player made the team go to one of the world cup.His name was “Cuauhtemoc Blanco”.

                               What Happened During The World Cup ?


  The world cup has been one of the greatest stages that the national team of Mexico has played in Mexico has also played in the world cup at least about 15 or more times.Mexico has also won the World Cup finals about 7 times and they other 8 or more times they have made it to the playoffs.Mexico has also had a lot of chances to win the finals but they were going up against another hard team like France,Germany,Argentina. Mexico has it”s best players play for the  national team in the world cup like Javier Hernandez,and other great players Mexico also wants to win the world cup that’s why the national team most of the time makes it to the playoffs and sometimes even makes it to the finals.Mexico when one of it’s starts gets injured then they have a backup to replace the injured player.


                                                THE LEGENDS


Mexico has some of the greatest legends in the sport of soccer.These legends are Javier Hernandez, Francisco Valencia,Luis Roberto Alvarez,Guillermo Sepulveda,and a lot of other good players.These are players that have been getting recognized by other soccer clubs and some of these amazing players actually still play with the national team.Mexico has also had lots of injuries with these players but these legends never gave up and they kept working really hard and they succeeded.They got known not only as some of the best players in the mexican league but they also got to get known as some of the best players that mexico has ever had on it’s Mexican national team.They kept working really hard and they also set mind goals to keep on working hard to get at the sport of soccer.



To conclude Mexico has had lots of journeys including going to the olympics and going to lots of world.Mexico has also had some of the best players in the world