The Cuban Missile Crisis


The Cuban Missile Crisis was a huge event in history. Experts say that this event could have caused a major nuclear war and this is essential well because its nuclear war, if this happened millions of people could of died and our country would have been destroyed. Luckily this didn’t happen and it ended  with the US agreeing with soviet leaders to remove cuban missiles in exchange for the US to not invade cuba and everything got settled in October of 1962. But let me tell you how it happened in the first place.


So during the Cold war the US and the Soviet Union Were fighting with propaganda, threats and things along those lines, but neither of them went head on in themself with a full fledged war. This is probably because a war with two major superpowers could lead to ultimate destruction and kill millions, just like i said, because this could have turned into a serious nuclear war between the two superpowers of the world, Soviet Union and the US.This happened when secret agreements between the Soviet Union and Cuba happened to put Soviet missile sites in Cuba, but soon US intelligence discovered Soviet Arms going into Cuba so the US took action and it was seen by photograph that the soviet union had intermediate and large ballistic nuclear missile sites and the us just decided that they had to invade Cuba leading to ultimate nuclear destruction and blah blah blah but the Soviet Union was like “Nah we wanna end this peacefully and like not kill our countries” so the US agreed to not invade Cuba as long as the Soviet Union packed their crap up and skedaddled out of there, so it was a peaceful result and didn’t end in major nuclear destruction.

In communist Soviet Union regulations are put into place but the higher ups do what they want and just don’t care About anyone else but they can do whatever they would like and it’s not fair but thats how that country was ran, though Communism never succeeded it was a (Not very good) alternative to Patriotism which is also the complete opposite of Communism, In short terms here’s how communism works: *Buys shovel* Government: “Here you go, now go work” while a Patriotistic Government would say: “Here you go, do what you want now” this is just a small example of how communism works compared to patriotism  and its not really great for the people in that case, while communism keep a country in place it always end up falling in power because of the people living under the communism and other countries though the main fall of communism was because of the revolutions of 1989 which ended communism.