People of color being treated unfairly

Most people think as Blacks as lazy people, who get in fights and steal and have no education. Blacks have a harder chance of getting a job, going into college, owning a house and a car. is This because of their skin color? .3-5 of colored people say that they or their family members say that they have been treated unfairly by the police and their race is the reason why, according to the article “Half of US black people say they have been unfairly treated by the police over their race”. There has been many evidence stating that people that are light skin are less likely to get into trouble than people with darker skin. A study found by the Villanova University in Pennsylvania figured out that women with lighter skin recieve 12% less time behind bars than darker skin colored women when they have been arrested.Is race the real reason why this is happening?

Police brutality on Minorities had a significant impact on many people especially people of color. We have seen many unfair situations where policemen on duty brutally attack Minorities without evidence of a crime . According to the article by CNN “‘Black Lives matter’ cases: What happened after controversial police killings” the article stated that “St. Anthony police Officer Jeronimo Yanez pulled Castile over during a traffic stop. Castile told the officer he had a firearm on him, which he was permitted to carry. Castile reached for something and Yanez shot him five times. During the Facebook Live video, Castile’s girlfriend said he was reaching for his license; the officer later said he thought Castile was reaching for his gun.” This information from the article gave a clear explanation of what Minorities deal with, having to be unfairly killed by the police because they thought that they were going to do something wrong without even knowing what it was and then they end up killing you.

For the past months there has been a lot of news reports talking about police brutality and Minorities being treated unfairly. As police brutality against minorities continued protests around the world have been going on about it. According to the article by CNN “ ‘Black Lives Matter’ cases: What happened after controversial police killings” Many people are protesting so that justice can happen and police brutality against minorities can stop “Garner’s death also spurred a new protest slogan: “I can’t breathe,” some of the last words Garner said before he died. Several professional athletes wore shirts saying “I can’t breathe” in silent protest.” Not only are people protesting so that something can happen to stop this issue but professional athletes are too some of the professional athletes    

There are alot of many unfair situations like these where Minorities die and are being treated unfairly because of their skin color.