Animal Cruelty



You’re walking down a sidewalk, you look to the side. You see a dog by the trash can. The abandoned dog skinny and is shivering. The dog looks scared, alone and has nowhere to go. That would be an example of animal cruelty. Abandoning a dog, starving it, beating it, and not caring for it are all a form of animal cruelty. It is not okay.

A study by the Humane Study found that people who purposely abuse animals are usually men younger than 30, and people who hoard animals are most likely women over 60. This is a key detail that illustrates who is typically involved in animal cruelty. This piece of information is important because these people intentionally hurt animals. Another study showed that over 7 out of 10 animals suffering are dogs, over 1 out of 5 are cats, and almost 1 out of 4 are other animals (Humane Society). This reflects the statistics of animals who go through abuse and/or neglect. These numbers are significant because animals should not have to go through this.

One form of animal cruelty is dogfighting. Dogfighting is where two dog go and beat each other up while a crowd of people watch for entertainment. Most dogs involved in dogfighting are normally conditioned through drugs with anabolic steroids to build muscle mass and aggressiveness (ASPCA). This is a crucial piece of evidence because some dogs are having to take drugs and really don’t have another choice because they cannot speak up for themselves and like people, drugs mess up animals, so they should not be taking them. Dogfighting is very aggressive and the dogs that have to fight are getting hurt and they cannot say anything about it. Not only does dogfighting hurt dogs, it can make them aggressive towards other people. Since they are used to having to be so aggressive all the time and they’re ready, to fight, they could be ready to fight another person and attack them. Some states are trying to make dogfighting illegal.

A question that may come to mind is Why are people so cruel to animals? One answer may be because some people see animals as an object or property rather than a living thing that has feelings (PAWS). This describes the reason why people can treat animals so poorly. So, there should be a way where a vet or a animal expert who describes the feelings animals have. A reason why we should find people who are violent towards animals is because those people could also be violent towards other people (PAWS). This is very important because if there are a lot of people who are abusive with animals in the world, that could potentially mean that there are going to be a lot of people who are getting hurt.

Animal cruelty is not something that should just be ignored. Animals are not just an object or something you own, it’s a living thing that has feeling just like humans. Animals have a lot of purposes in this world and they don’t deserve to get hurt when they are just trying to do their job. According to the ASPCA, every minute an animal goes through abuse. So as you read this, there were multiple animals that got hurt, and it’s still happening. There needs to be a big change in trying to stop animal cruelty.