Do parents have different hopes and standards for their sons than for their daughter??

However, some parents support their kids before, during and after they come out and parents have differents standards with their daughters. In my opinion parents should have the same or mostly hopes and standard for their daughters because sometimes boys have the most power than girl and they can do whatever they want.

To begin with, people shouldn’t judge others genders. Parents should support their sons or daughters no matter what. The website “Gender double standards in parents attitudes” introduces the reasons for this topic is genders differences  in parental preferences for children courtship and family formation behavior or what we refer to as the gender double standards in parenting attitude. The website cites facts to explain the behavior of parents, although parents should have the same hopes and standards for their sons and daughter. According to the website kids could get the same attitude or behavior has their parents. This is a key detail that explains the hopes and standards for humans.

Although, another point of view from parents but especially moms is they expect their daughter to be organized and tough while boys should be kind and protective. Boys should be protective and not to be aggressive with girls, the boys responsibility is to always be a gentleman. The main issue is boys don’t have to much responsibility.