World War II


Although 2,000,000 people die in the US alone (, in 1939-1945, 50 million people died because of world war II. That’s 48 million more than the annual  death. World War II was the battle between the Axis which were Germany, Japan and Italy and the Allies who were United States, China and France . The Allies ended up winning and it also changed people’s point of view. But before the Allies won World War II brought The Great Depression in the United States which led to economic downfall in Europe. World War II was so big that a lot of states were at war which caused many deaths.World War II is essential information since it was one of the most deadliest times in human history.

The Great Depression was a devastating time in US  because economy went down but not as much Europe. One of the major causes of The Great Depression was the stock market crash in 1919. The Great Depression was one of the harshest times since the Civil War and it caused major problems to the people and the economy. Because of The Great Depression it helped cause World War II

World War II was a big problem because it killed a lot of innocent lives. It even went as far as to be called the deadliest war in history. World War II lasted until 1945 where the Allies won the terrible war.  World War II was a terrible time in history where it killed over 50 million people including military and civilian deaths. Adolf Hitler was one of the causes for World War II he sparked World War II by invading Poland in 1939. The Allies had an advantage once Japan surrendered in 1945. In the end the Allies won World War II and who knows what would’ve happened if the Axis power won.

World War II changed many people’s point of view after the war. World War II is a key detail that illustrates it was the deadliest conflict in human history. Due to World War II a lot of people were lost during the battle. Hitler was a major cause to this because he was the first to attack the Allies. The major cause the Allies won was the defeat of Hitler’s Germany army because of Hitler’s suicide.

World War II was during the period of 1939-1945. The most dangerous place during this time was Europe and East-Asia since that’s where most of the battles happened.  The Allies won after the Axis Power surrendered 1 week after Adolf Hitler’s death. A reason for Adolf Hitler’s suicide was because he was losing against the Allies. Adolf Hitler commited suicide in his bunker in Germany. World War II brought The Great Depression, which in turn Franklin Roosevelt helped end The Great depression. A reason for World War II was Hitler invading Poland in 1935 and The Great Depression contributed as well. The end of World War II result was the change in people’s mind and how they look at the world.

In conclusion World War II was a horrible time in history when many people died which was over 50 million. In the end the Allies, United States, China and France who were against the Axis Power which were Germany, Italy and Japan but the Allies didn’t win without sacrifices. Many people ask when World War II happened and that was 1939-1945. World War II changed people’s way of thinking. A lot of people agree that World War II was the deadliest  time in history.