Stephen Curry’s abilities and life…

Sophia Gonzales

So as you can tell, I will be talking about Stephen Curry and we will be analyzing his skills and his lifestyle… But before we begin, I’ll help you get a full understanding of who Stephen Curry is… well he’s a NBA [ national basketball association ] player. He is a dedicated and well taught man. Would you believe me if I said he’s got a family full of really good sports players? He has full experience with what he is currently working on. Do you really believe that Curry the G.O.A.T ? How is his life when he isn’t playing basketball? And lastly do you agree that Curry is a great guy?


First of all, we will be looking at Curry’s awards and his championships. For the past 3       years [ possibly 4 ], Stephen Curry and the Golden State Warriors [ team he plays for ] have gone to the NBA finals, which is a really good thing in the basketball  era. Curry has gone 2-1 since the 2014 NBA finals, but they’ve only played against the Cleveland Cavaliers in the last 3 years. It is clear to see that Curry is one of the greats because he’s got the NBA MVP [ most valuable player] two times in just his eight year experience in the NBA. Curry is the only player in franchise history to average at least 23 points and eight assists in multiple postseasons. He holds the best record for most threes made in a single season, he has broken multiple records. He also holds the best record for best free throw percentage [ above 90% ], he doesn’t get many triple doubles but when he does he makes it look quite easy and doable. Curry is one of the best ball handlers out there, he can easily break someone’s ankles [ juke them ]. It’s obvious to see that Curry is basically capable of doing anything in basketball… he can shoot really well, he passes well, he gets many assists [ because he’s a point guard ], he can dunk, he makes layups look easy, he’s just a really great player and person.


So next we will be talking about the way Stephen Curry lives his life when he isn’t playing basketball or anything related to that. Curry has a retired father that played in the NBA, his mother was a star at volleyball, his younger sister is a star in the making [ college athlete ], his younger brother played [ not sure if he still is ] in the NBA, his wife, Ayesha Curry, is a youtube star! And lastly his 2 daughters are stealing the spotlight with their cuteness and goofiness… their adorable. As you can tell, him and his family are very known to the spotlight and they know what it feels like to have cameras and people constantly near them. Curry loves to play golf with his family and friends… his father even plays too! Curry and his family are goofy and always full of giggles when they are with one another… they are comfortable around each other and are always showing love and support to each other. The thing that’s pretty cool, is that even if Curry doesn’t have any games or practices, he still somehow finds a way to play basketball. Whether it’s streetball or actually in the gym, he does whatever he can to become better than what he already is. That shows real hard work and dedication… that’s just one of the million reasons why his family, friends, teammates, and NBA fans love him! Stephen donates money to hospitals and families, he travels around the work for children and teens to learn some basketball moves, he visits and surprises families that are Warriors fans… he basically does whatever he can to keep kids in an incredible/ good mood. He’s just an all around great guy!


“There’s more to life than basketball. The most important thing is your family and taking care of each other and loving each other no matter what” is what Stephen Curry once said, I hope that you/we realize that there’s more than just sports to focus about…  you have a whole family to look and appreciate. Do you believe that Curry is good guy after all this? Because I sure do think he is. Most people, like me, look up to Curry just by how great, appreciative, loyal, and just the fun guy he is. But the real question is, do you? Or would you ever?