World War 2

Do you think that world war was very tragic or it was necessary that so many people die in world war just by fighting or cause of someone that chose to do a bad choice it was the largest and the most violent armed conflict there was it didn’t even solved any problems they think if they fight they will solved problems but it didn’t a lot of people die in world war 2  a lot of countries were fighting.


World war 2 was a very tragic moment it was a global war when 60,000 people die on World war 2 they were two groups axis and allies on axis it was Germany,Italy,Japan the other one was allies there was Soviet union,China, and united states they even included Britain,France,Australia,Canada,New zealand,and India what cause world war 2 Italian fascism in 1920 ,Japanese militarism and invasions of china and in 1930 there was a political takeover and in 1933 in Germany by Hitler and nazi and its aggressive policy about 70  million people fought in arm forces of allies and axis nation.


The nazi wanted to Germany to rule Europe to get more land and power on 1939 German troops invaded poland after Hitler refused to stop invasion Britain and France declared war to Germany and world war began on 1941 they invaded France,Belgium,Holland,Luxembourg,Denmark,Norway,Greece,and Yugoslavia German military haded 4,429,875 men in the war on 1939 the prime minister of Britain declared war on Germany.


A Lot of soldiers were killed on world war 2 Germany lost 9,000,000 soldiers,China 4,000,000,Japan 3,000,000,and  United states won world war 2 they actually lost less people than the other ones they didn’t bomb fall their cities they had powerful guns and bomb also Soviet union won they gained control of Eastern Europe millions of Germans were killed because they didn’t fit as a perfect German.German surrender in may 1945 while Japan didn’t surrender until september.


Most country fought a 1935 to 1945 but some started fighting 1937 the axis power surrender on may 8 1945 the allies accepted Germany surrender a week Adolf Hitler committed suicide Europe celebrated  the end of world war 2 they were the most powerful country in world war 2 they had good and dangerous weapons they lost less people than the others one they had a good commander to give them directions and they won and world war ended may 8 1945.