YBN Nahmir Facts


YBN Nahmir was born in December 18, 1999 right now he is 18 years old and he was born in Birmingham Alabama, United States. Wikipedia is an powerful example that illustrates how YBN Nahmir was raised and where he was born and also other facts about his life. Did you know YBN Nahmirs real name is Nick Simmons I have a lot more interesting facts about him but, you have to keep reading to find out.


YBN Nahmirs found to acclaim when World Star posted his video for  “ Rubbin off the Paint” to youtube. The viral video received over two million views in just three days but, you can’t forget that he launched it in September 2017. After that he was signed to play at the Rake It Up Glow Party in October 2017. Did you know that Simmons uploaded his first song when  he was just fifteen on March 21st 2015 but it did not receive that much attention.


In my opinion I think that Ybn Nahmir is a great singer/rapper and his career is going to get larger and larger one day he will be very very big because I know that he can make more songs . He has always had big dreams and hopes and this is the moment for him to accomplish those goals like how we try to do in school and in life because we all try hard and we should never give up on our hopes because we can achieve them if we keep working hard and never give up. YBN Nahmir has worked hard and will keep working hard cause he wants to be successful in life and have a great music career.


If you are still reading that means I have caught your attention and you want to read on about facts of Nick Simmons/YBN Nahmir. While researching I have found out that YBN Nahmir has made it to the billboard charts and also his network is estimated at 1 million and currently is living in California. His childhood is rough because he was raised without a father he started taking his music lessons seriously when he was in his teens. As many of the performers at his age he started writing songs, performing them in front of a camera and posting them on youtube, musically, and other accounts. He began with cover versions and now he is  one of the most popular Internet rappers. It is considered to be an honor for the beginners if he has made a remix of their songs.


In conclusion now you know more facts about YBN Nahmir and how he is a rising star and never gave up on his hopes they we should we should never give up even though times get rough you always have to have self confidence in yourself and not let anyone else tell you otherwise. If you have made it to the paragraph that means I have caught your attention and let you know that you have to keep trying to be successful in life.