World War II

Camilo Alvarez

Have you ever thought about how tragic World War II?Well I will tell you right here.Some people still think about World War II.People think about what led to World War II,or what states were fighting during World War II or what happened after World War II.In this you will find about World War II and the states that were in World War II and why this happened in the first place.In this article you will find things that people found after World War II and still finding things till this day.


In World War II there was five Countries that were fighting.One of the biggest reasons why World War II started was because the Germans which were the “Nazis”.The main allied leaders were United states,Russia,The united kingdom and the Republic of china.The main axis leaders were Germany/Nazis,Japan and The kingdom of italy.These Countries wanted to get the other countries territories.


Things that started World War II were when Germany invaded Poland.So Britain and France wanted to start a war with Germany.Another thing is that Japanese militarism and invasions to China.Another thing is that German/Nazis were getting aggressive with other fights.At first it was World War One but then there was a second World War.World War II was the last war that happened.World War II was from January first 1939 to January second 1945.After those periods World War II ended.People did not like that World War I and II started because there was a lot of people that died from it and there was a lot of destruction.


What happened after World War II?Well there was no more World War,that’s good.The states that were in World War II didn’t have bad things with each other as before when it was World War II.Some stuff after World War II is that other countries and people found World War II weapons or letters.Still today people are still finding World War II weapons and letters,some people will keep them or try to sell them witch they can sell.Some people for example will find broken pieces from planes or planes planes that were from World War II.Some other countries took over Germany and Japan.Many of the Germans and Japanese got their territories taken over by other Countries.There are still World War II soldiers that are still alive and they are telling their story when they were in World War II.There are some families that have their World War II brothers,husbands or parents suit.With the U.S. they grew larger in many different ways.For example they got more U.S. soldiers and made more weapons.