Sydney funnel web spider


In this article I will be talking about Sydney funnel web spider like I will be talking about where it leaves, the poison, and much more. This spider is really amazing and only a few people know what it is some. Might think it is just a normal spider the truth is it is not normal not even a house spider but if you do find it in your house don’t get close. This spider is so deadly it could kill you even your cat or dog.

A Sydney funnel web spiders bite is so poisonous that if a human were to get bit they would only have 15 minutes to live. Their poison is so dangerous that it freezes their preys last move. This spider is one not  one many people like to see and if you do you make sure you give the spider it’s space. This spider is not able to jump but it can move quickly it is the one of the most poisonous spiders in Australia.

Sydney funnel web spider can be found in Victoria and this spider can also be found in Australia. This spider is like most spiders and likes to be in hot places like Australia. Sydney funnel web spider is cold blooded so it needs to stay in warm places. This spider can be found in holes in trees or even holes in your house . You might think their like a trap door spider but they are two different things one lives in the ground and the other is not in the ground.

Sydney funnel web has a clear diet of roaches, other small spiders, cockroaches, small lizards, and even eggs. A sydney funnel web spider is a spider that you would want to have in your house if you had any cockroaches, small spiders, and roaches. This spider can kill its prey as soon as strikes its fangs into the victim leaving the victim frozen but not cold frozen.

This spider is a really cool spider this spider can run fast a little but the part that is most interistinging is the fangs they are so powerful and the venom is very deadly even for humans. This spider is a interesting spider to study and write about. Spiders are not a creepy they are actually cool insects.