What is Fortnite about??


Fortnite is all about skill. There is building and shooting people in the game. In the game of fortnite there is  100 player and your supposed to win. Everyone plays fortnite bc they want to be – the best of the best fortnite is played in many different platforms for example you can play on- Xbox one , ps4 , mac , Pc and ios. Fortnite has in app purchases which allows you to buy V-bucks for skins,battle pass, pix  axe and gliders.

Fortnite was made couple years ago but it wasn’t till battle royale they released which is the one that you could get kills. Everyone is playing the battle royale version of fortnite. Some of the best player like – Ninja, Myth, faze tfue play on live stream and make money of it. Fortnite is a rally fun game if you haven’t tried it I recommend you to try to play. Most teens are highly addicted or are becoming addicted to the game because they want to be the best.

Fortnite is based on games. Like minecraft for the building and PubG for the moving and shooting. Fortnite gets hate because people say it’s like pubg but its not because fortnite has better graphics and you could build. Fortnite is the most popular shooting game there is lots of shooting games that try to be like fortnite because they want the money.