All about chow chow dogs


This is going to be an informational article that will teach you something about the chow chow Dog. This isn’t going to be like the other ones, this is going to teach you something new. Another thing is that it’s going to be fun because you will have something to read and you will entertain yourself.

A chow chow dog is a dog that is really soft and they are red,cinnamon,black,cream,and also blue these dogs are from china they live about 11-13 years. A male weighs about 55-70 lb (25-32 kg) a female weighs about 45-60 lb (20-27 kg), their height is about 17-20 inches (43-51 cm). Chow chow are dogs that are really protective by their family, chows are an aggressive breed, fiercely protective of their people and property and should only be adopted by experienced dog owners who have the time and energy to devote to proper training and socialization”The process of learning to behave in a way that is acceptable to society”.

Due to chow chow thick coat, fleas can be a problem, the chow chow is a dog breed originally from northern china, where it is referred to as songshi Quan, Which means “puffy-lion dog”. The breed has also been called the tang Quan,” Dog of the Tang empire. Another thing about the chow chow dog is that there really puffy and if you have kids it would be very fun to have one because they would be able to play with him, but be careful because seen’s they have to much fur they can fall on top of the kids and they can die because they won’t be able to breath. It is in the breeds nature to be quiet and well behaved, but is also resistant to training, chow chows become very stubborn and attach to certain individuals as they age. This is why training them when they are puppies is so crucial because they gain respect others for those who care about him.

The chow chow dogs also have black/purple tongue gene appears to be dominant, as most mixed breed dogs that come from a chow chow retain that tongue colour. The facial wrinkles (often obscured by hair) give to the chow chow, a scowling expression, for his size the chow chow is a strong, sturdy dog.