How Veterans are being treated in America


Veterans are brave men and women who go across seas to fight for our freedom. But quite unfortunately we are failing them. The VA (veterans administration) a government run hospital designed to help vets are rundown, or either the VA will simply ignore those who risked everything, for you. This article is a attempt to shine light on the issue that veterans face coming home to the country that they served, and how we are just ignoring them.

The VA is a government program, designed specifically for helping veterans. However not only are they corrupt they are very run down. As a matter of fact in January, of 2014 at least 19 veterans had died waiting for treatment from the VA. Also back in July of 2015 at least ⅓ of 847,000 vets died waiting for treatment from the VA which they never received, according to source by Huffington Post. To summarize not only has the VA failed to be clean they have also failed to help our vets.

To continue we need to look at how civilians are treating our veterans. With divorce rates for veterans who served in nam being 38%, according to the US department of veteran affairs, this is a scary increase. Also with at least 300,000 veterans being homeless and a large margin of them served for at least 3 years is a true shame. What i am still wondering is why this is always occuring.

However there is people who are there for the veterans like the VFW (Veterans of Foreign War) or the American Legion. Both are non-profit organizations who are dedicated to helping veterans. However while they are doing good at helping vets get back on their feet, they could only do so much however. The rests is on us to be there, for those who were there for US.

To conclude, while you are this a veteran is confused, not knowing why he is living on the streets after he has done everything he could. While you are reading this a corrupted VA is getting government checks for failing to do their job. While you are reading this a veteran could be losing his family. To conclude veterans need help. And we as Americans the one these brave men and woman swore to protect need to help them.