Critic Review: Incredibles 1 and Incredibles 2


They are powerful ,they are strong , they are the Incredibles!!! Yes that’s them they fight crime and work hard to stop the villains. In this article we will be comparing and also contrasting the Incredibles 1 and the Incredibles 2 trailer.

“The incredibles and the Incredibles 2 trailer” have many similarities and differences while one difference is  Mr.Incredible had the spotlight in the first movie but then in the second movie Elastigirl got a new job so now she got the spotlight.This is important because it shows that having the spotlight on Elastigirl is a big difference because in the 1st incredible movie mr.incredible had the spotlight because of his job and now Elastigirl is taking the spotlight. Another important contrast is that Elastigirl has a new suit because she is solo but her identity is still a secret. This is a key detail that proves that Elastigirl’s suit is just for her and now she can show what she can do solo. However “The incredibles” and “The incredibles 2 trailer also have many similarities including the fact that they both have the same characters like Helen ,Bob ,violet ,and dash. This parallel feature is essential because it shows that even though they don’t work together like they use to they are still in the movie and still part of the family. By comparing “The incredibles”and “The incredibles 2” trailer I realized that the movies have lots of similarities and also have differences.

The incredibles is a good movie because mr.incredible’s power over the time gets weaker or stronger. For example in one part of the movie it shows mr.incredible is powerful because he doesn’t want help from anyone.This clearly illustrates that mr.incredible doesn’t want help because he can handle people’s problems on his own because he is so powerful. Another example of mr.incredible getting weaker is when he got captured and his family had to save him. This demonstrates that he couldn’t save himself because he was weak at that time of the movie so his family was trying to save them. The final example of how mr.incredible was got stronger is when he save the day. This shows that he fought for the city and he was still powerful.

One thing people should know about watching the incredibles is that their is a family that have super power and fight crime and help people in need because they are superheros. Another piece of information that people need to know before they watch the second movie is that mr.incredible told a boy “ Fly home buddy i work alone”