Poverty is Important

How poverty affects people? Rich solve problems faster than people with poverty? Why is poverty important?



Poverty is  significant because it gives a big impact in the world and affects a lot of people. Poverty is an important topic. To understand poverty, it is necessary to take a closer look at poverty because poverty happens to a lot of people and its growing bigger and bigger every day  it’s a big problem in the world. The why poverty happens is something we can not stop and if we don’t people who have poverty won’t be able to get out of situations as fast as the rich would.

An analysis of poverty suggests that poverty is important. Poverty is important because poverty is a big problem to this world and every day someone is trying to stop poverty but it never really works. For example, 15% of America live in poverty and when people were helping and trying to make a change poverty only went down 2% and no matter what we do the percentage always keeps going up and not a lot of people know what is happening around the U.S that’s why it is important to understand poverty.

This example points to how poverty affects people in many ways. For example people who have poverty have a lack of  food and water which is a big effect for your health. Another example would be how poverty can affect how people act for example it has been studied that teens that are boys are more likely to get into drugs and into violence if there family is in poverty but on the other hand girls that are in poverty are more likely to set goals and study in schools and have a future that they are trying to get that’s the main reason why people need to understand poverty so they can understand how it affects people. A key reason for this is that poverty affects people by not being able to have a healthy life or even a good life because poverty is a bad things that family and people have to face and its cant be stopped so easily    

Last but not least is how people who have poverty cant get away with things as easy as rich people could. For example during the hurricane arma people who had poverty had to stay in shelters or didn’t even have shelter but for rich they could go on a plane a fly to a safe place put on the other hand poverty people could do all that and the main reason for this was because of money.

To summarize all this up people who have poverty are affected a lot people who have poverty cant get away with problems as rich could that’s why it is important to understand poverty. Keep in mind that poverty is a big  problem that not all of us can understand or stop. Above all let’s remember that poverty can make that 15% go down if we make that change if we help if we care and understand. The point is poverty is something we should be taken seriously.