Is smoking still a problem among teenagers?


The purpose of this paper is to understand that smoking is still a problem for teenagers because it can cause them to get cancer in the lungs or they can end up dying in this informational article you will read information to see if smoking still a problem among teenagers. To understand that smoking is a problem it is necessary to take a closer look at other kids that have died because of smoking cigarettes and that you don’t want to died like they did because of the mistakes we make in life.


This is true because almost more than 100 students from school or from other places have died because of smoking cigarettes or some kids might of had cancer and die, but this helps you understand that smoking will only take you to bad problems like these ones and if you smoke you better stop because if you die like when your 14 you will not get to live the feature stuffs and you will not be able to have a family that will make you happy. This illustrates the importance of students life’s and what there waiting to live in the feature and that we can make the change for them and help them understand that it’s bad for them. We can also print or look up for information that will help your child understand that smoking is a problem and that it can cause them bad problems in there life or you can also print this paper to help your child or you. People are worried about their kids that something bad will happen to them but there’s still time for you to help your child save his/her life.


This suggests that cigarettes should not be sell anymore in stores or anywhere because they will be killing other people by selling them, and they can end up going to jail for that. A key reason for this is to check your children’s room and see if they have cigarettes  and also smell there clothes to make sure there not smoking and that you will safe there life, another example is to always be aware of them if you don’t want nothing bad to happen to them you can ask friends teachers and parents to see if they know. Also smoking is still a problem because it when there younger like 14,15,16 or any of those years there lungs are not that ready for smoke or anything like that but if your an adult your lungs are really ready but they will only last you for some years but the children’s lungs will not be able to hold all the smoke that’s going in so that’s why some young people get cancer but there lungs stop working so they end up dying, because of the bad mistakes they make in life, never smoke again after reading this informational article because if you do you will be in bad medical problems and if your friends do it let them read this article for they can stop smoking and we can always change others people life. Keep in mind that smoking will only take you to bad medical problems and you need to understand that this is true and if you don’t want to stop when your almost dying you will be like i should have listen to the article but it’s decision. Finally if you understand your feature will be good and without problems, the most important thing in life is your family and you because if you do bad stuffs your caring about you and not your family